7 Facts about Literacy in America

Literacy, or competence in reading and writing, is an often overlooked topic concerning youth.

Here are 7 facts about literacy in America:

  1. Children of low income families begin to fall behind affluent peers in literacy at just 18 months old
  2. Students unable to read proficiently by third grade are over 4 times more likely to eventually drop out of school
  3. Of children ages 3 to 5, just 53% were read to daily by a family member
  4. 61% of low-income families lack books for children in the household
  5. 1 in 4 American children will never learn how to read
  6. Around 20% of high school graduates lack reading proficiency
  7. Lack of proficient literacy contributes to annual losses of over $200 billion in the economy

Feel compelled to take action? Consider donating any gently used books or getting involved with Storybox Books to promote youth literacy.

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