Why was Storybox Books created?

There are children who wish to learn and thrive but are not given the opportunity.  Storybox Books was created to give these children the opportunity to reach their potential.  This organization does not wish to see desire to learn stifled. Instead, Storybox Books works to foster this desire for children around the world.

What makes Storybox Books unique?

Our organization strives to inspire children to reach their full potential, and to become future world-changers.  As an entirely youth-led organization, Storybox Books is unique because of its focus on the future, not solely on short-term results.  This organization strives to improve the lives and futures of underprivileged children.

Why are books important?

According to Educational Testing Services’ reports, students who read outside of school are not only better readers, they possess higher math test scores as well.  The effect reading has on a child’s academic abilities is obvious, but books also inspire.  The information or entertainment gained from reading a book has the power to inspire further investigation.  This desire to learn more, to discover; will foster success.

Why should you become involved?

Storybox Books is composed of dedicated individuals who have a passion to make a positive impact in the lives of children.  By becoming a part of this organization, you become a catalyst for change.  By working to develop the next generation, you become an architect of the future.  We encourage you to become a part of  Storybox Books Organization because you can and will make an astounding difference.