Partnership Spotlight: Paper Bridges

Recently, Storybox Books and Paper Bridges officially partnered to further their youth philanthropy missions and donate books with personalized letters. Check out this interview with Paper Bridges founders Rebecca Huang and Emily Yuan to find out more!

What is PaperBridges? 

Paper Bridges a student-run nonprofit dedicated towards supporting and inspiring orphans around the world through letters, care packages, and educational materials.

Why was Paper Bridges founded? 

We noticed a gap in support for orphans – namely, that the mental and emotional health of orphans was not prioritized by large NGOs who focused more on physical essentials. We wanted a way for people who didn’t necessarily have large financial resources to help these children, and out of that desire bore Paper Bridges. Our mission is to make every child feel supported and loved through handwritten letters of love, no matter what conditions they were born into. It initially started off as a small project, but eventually grew into a nonprofit.

Who founded PaperBridges? Paper Bridges was founded by Emily Yuan and Rebecca Huang in 2016. As sophomores in high school, Emily and Rebecca began the process of founding Paper Bridges by doing research about how to make an impact and about ways to get involved. Under the guidance of adult mentors, they learned how to start a nonprofit, get other students involved, and create lasting change. Reaching out to schools, community centers, libraries, nursing homes, and other community groups, they created partnerships with orphanages and sent hundreds of handwritten letters before branching out to create new chapters and initiatives.

What’s Paper Bridges’ Mission & Vision for the future? 

Our mission is twofold: to empower everyday citizens to recognize their ability to make a substantial impact with just their words, and to spread encouragement and support to orphans internationally. In the future, we are continuing to expand our mission by looking for new ways to provide emotional support. These initiatives include partnerships with other nonprofits to develop educational curricula, sending books and fun activities for the children, and establishing longer-lasting pen-pal systems.

How many children has Paper Bridges reached? 

We’ve sent out over 2,000 letters to 28 orphanages in 18 different countries (they’re all listed on our website)!

What is Paper Bridges’ philosophy? 

Paper Bridges runs on the philosophy that no action is too small. We believe that every person, no matter how young or old has the ability to enact social change. With just a few words and a few minutes, people can be agents of the love and hope that everyone in this world deserves.

What led to PaperBridges to partner with Storybox Books and how do their visions & missions align with each other?

We had similar goals of making children feel loved and supported and wanted to work together to create an even larger impact on the groups we are targeting.

What will this partnership entail? 

We are providing letters for Storybox Books to put in books they are donating to community centers.

How can supporters of both Paper Bridges & Storybox Books help during this partnership? 

You can design and create a digital letter, which we will print out and send to the appropriate audience. You can also donate financially – the funds will go to providing educational books for orphans and the shipment of letters and care packages. Lastly, spreading the word is always very helpful. You can share about us on social media or just tell your friends and family about our mission.

What’s one quote or word that best defines the PaperBridges organization, vision, and mission. 

Write. Love. Inspire.

Where can supporters learn more about Paper Bridges? 

Supporters can learn more on our Site:,  IG: paper.bridges, email:

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