Storybox Ambassadors share the mission of Storybox Books with communities around the world.


Junior at the Klenze-Gymnasium Munich, Germany. Philippa just came back from a year abroad (at the Friends School-Baltimore, MD), where she met Justin at the Harvard VISION: Global Health Conference, while conducting her own project about smoking among youth. She was immediately drawn to the mission and procedure of Storybox Books, as it aligns with her own morals, interests and passion – reading and global health. Besides that, she plays the piano, dances, and organizes many school events within the students council. She joins the Storybox Books team with the aim of using the resources Germany offers to help those in need of literacy – for a world where this is desperately needed.


Junior at the PINDL high school in Regenburg, Germany. Helene participates in track and field, and skiing. Besides that, she plays the piano and reads. Every week, she trains children in track and field and during winter time she teaches them how to ski. She loves to travel and meet new people for which reason she was very glad to be one of the ASSIST scholarship recipients, and therefore spend a year abroad in the United States. During the year, she was able to start working with the Harvard VISION team and develop her own chapter of the organization at her school. As she am very passionate about both working with children and reading, she fully supports the mission of giving children in need the opportunity to read.