Unveiling Storybox 2.0

For the past five years, Storybox Books has donated, advocated, and grown in our mission to promote youth literacy with new chapters, team members and partner organizations.

Alongside growth in numbers, however, we’ve also grown as an organization – and to accompany our refined mission, we’re entering a new phase.

Welcome to the relaunch.

For the next few months, we’re engaging in an organization-wide relaunch, debuting a new visual brand identity and collaborating with other youth to cultivate a network of young people interested in social change. During this time, we’re focused on expanding our operations and engaging in new partnerships and initiatives, all incorporating our original values with our new mission and a new aesthetic.

As we prepare for this change, however, our core values, promoting youth literacy and education, stay the same. Storybox has operated since 2015, and what began with high school students donating books has since expanded to nearly 10 states and three continents. We’ve donated nearly 8,000 books through 14 partner organizations in the US and abroad, and we’ve partnered with schools in Kenya and Greece to support underprivileged global youth. During this time, we also pioneered Literacy Week, an annual event focused on national awareness on the importance of youth literacy, enabling members across the country to join in with book drives and donations, advocacy events and fundraisers each spring. 

Of course, all of this growth wasn’t possible without the amazing individuals who’ve worked behind the scenes, and all of our work is certainly not finished. 

In the coming months, we’ll be connecting with other youth-led nonprofits and emphasize collaboration to build change. Starting this month in a partnership with Paper Bridges, a youth-led organization which empowers orphans through handwritten letters, we’ll continue engaging in initiatives true to our mission of empowering youth through literacy.

We also have plenty of opportunities to get involved in Storybox, whether starting a chapter, donating with our partners or finding unique ways to work with us. If youth advocacy, promotion of literacy, and collaboration for change sounds like you, we know you’ll find a place at Storybox. As we enter this next phase, we hope you’ll join us.

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