Where to Donate Your Old Books

As much as we hate to admit it, many of us hoard far too many stacks of formerly-beloved books. If your shelf space is no match for your book-buying habits, have no fear – there are plenty of ways to give out excess novels.  Here at Storybox Books, we strive to encourage literacy and empower at-risk youth through book drives and book distribution. Giving books is a simple yet powerful act, so here are 10 things to do with your old books.

  1. Donate with Storybox Books

We specialize in organizing book drives with our chapters and partners; check here to donate. If no members are currently near you, there are still many ways to begin donating books.

2. Give to your local library

Many libraries accept book donations, and if not, will forward books to other organizations. If your books are in decent condition, the local library is a great place to start donating.

3. Check for a Little Free Library 

Little Free Libraries are wooden boxes, in which anyone can take or donate a book. If your books are suitable for all ages, try finding a nearby library or starting your own.

4. Donate to a local organization

Many community-based organizations appreciate book donations. Checking which local shelters, charities or retirement homes need donations is a great way to get books to those who need them. The Donation Town website locates charities willing to pick up your items.

5. Trade your books online 

Trading books is a great way to find new titles. Paperback Swap, Title Trader and Book Mooch are just a couple of resources to start online trading. 

6. Donate to a local school

If the school permits, consider donating to a nearby (or your own) grade school library or classroom. 

7. Resell textbooks

If you bought your textbook from a campus bookstore, chances are you can resell them there, too. There’s no need to keep old textbooks around, so check with your campus bookstore (or online sellers like eBay).

8. Donate to book-oriented organizations

Many organizations accept books for various causes. Here’s a couple:

9. “Release” your books through Book Crossing

You can share an old title through Book Crossing, an organization for finding and passing along books.

10. Use a Give Back Box

If you saved your last Amazon box, you can fill it with old books and ship to charities with Give Back Box.

Giving books is a great way to benefit many organizations and communities, with the added bonus of decluttering your living space. Consider any of the above options, as well as hosting your own book drive, to give your novels new life.